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Stylish ways to fill your living room

The living room is important in the house. It is here that you’ll spend most of your time relaxing, watching TV and entertaining guests. Visitors will also first see the living room, and thus it plays a very big role in shaping the first impression. It is therefore imperative to ensure your living room is visually pleasing. Whether you’ve got a small or big living room, empty corners can seem awkward. However, there are ways that you can fix them. This article offers insights into filling open spaces in the living room, thus creating a stylish look.

1.    Lighten the dark empty spaces

One of the best ways you can brighten the dark corners of your living room is by use of layered lighting. Wall, floor and ceiling lamps will always work to ensure the empty and dark corners are illuminated. Through layered lighting, the living room gets an additional aesthetic value and a great radiance. One great way would be to accompany a lonely corner sofa with a tall floor lamp to give the area some spotlight. You can also have additional lighting on furniture items such as a side table or a coffee table. Low hung pendant lights are suitable to illuminate fixtures on the wall.

2.    Create cosy window seats

If you got a window at the corner of your living room, you could have a window seat beneath the window. Window seats create a stylish look while still maintaining a calming spirit in the living room. It is one of the gorgeous techniques to fill an empty window corner of a living room

living room furniture companies

3.    Double up on the furniture

Here living room furniture companies such as Designer Sofas 4U can prove to be helpful. If your living room is too large and you cannot find chairs and tables that are large enough to fill the room, consider visiting such companies. Look for matching large tables and place them side by side at the centre of the room. You can, for example, have an arrangement of two coffee tables set alongside ottoman tables. You can then have four chairs on the arrangement rather than two. Such planning tends to produce an atmosphere that is cosier in large living rooms. In addition to chairs and tables, you can ensure the room is filled up by doubling on almost any piece of fixture and furniture. You can, for example, install two footstools or two-floor lamps to have an even greater impact.

4.    Place some potted greenery on corners that have got natural light.

Some corners are not large enough to accommodate furniture but still needs to be filled. Putting greenery in such corners is a great idea which also makes the room more breathable. In the sitting room, flowers are the best option to go for. To create a bravery look, be a maximalist and go for a large oversized leafy plant. If you love understated options, go for a bay tree or pretty olive. You can create a more stylish look by hanging terrarium where your greenery can float from the ceiling.

5.    A decorative ladders

Another great idea to fill that corner in your living room is placing an interesting ladder in one corner to hold extra covers and coverings. Furniture shops offer quite a variety of decorative ladder option to select from. To create an elegant look consider going for a stylish bookshelf ladder. Depending on your living rooms’ size, you can go for a pair or single bookshelf.

6.    Layer up by adding texture

If there are still spaces in your living room that you haven’t been able to fill, go for layering up more texture, you can, for example, go for fixing hanging baskets and placing some ornaments all around your living room to moderate the empty spaces. Be careful and ensure that the pieces you find match your living room and make it more inviting and cosier.

7.    Take advantage of the wall behind the sofa

Bookshelves are always a great way to utilize your living room’s forgotten space. To have a great look install a bookshelf on the wall behind the sofa. For walls that are too large, double up with storage cabinet and art accessories near the bookshelf to fill the space.

In conclusion, open spaces in your living room can create an unattractive look. However, you need not worry with the above tips as you can always fill the empty spaces and create a stylish look. Review sites such as UK ReviewsBird will help find reputable platforms that you can get furnishing and accessories to fill these open spaces