Monthly Archives: September 2020

Improving an Almost Perfect House

I purchased an old house from an old man who wanted to sell the house so he could move in with his daughter. For being such an old house, it’s pretty nice, and I would say that it was almost perfect when I bought it. There was one thing about the house that irked me. The house has two and a half bathrooms, and one bathroom has glass shower doors, while the other had a shower curtain. I wanted both of the bathrooms to have shower doors, so I looked for companies to install shower doors in Morris County NJ.

By doing some research on the different local companies and looking at the reviews by various customers who’ve used these companies in the past, I was able to narrow my search results down to one specific company and gave them a call so I could get an estimate for the total cost of the installation of the glass shower doors. The price they were able to give me was a great one, especially when compared to some of the other costs that I’ve gotten in the past from companies who do various installation.

The company that I hired was able to have the installation done fairly quickly and I was able to use the shower the same day. While using the shower, I began to think how much better it would be if I could have a pulsating shower head, but it wasn’t necessary. If I could, I would have a shower and bath combination installed in the half bathroom so I could have a glass shower door installed for it, but there’s simply not enough room for that. There’s not even enough room for a small shower in that bathroom, and there’s no room to make the bathroom larger through expansion.